A Purpose Driven Life

How fun has it been to follow Ed Beaulieu’s spring break exploits through social media as he’s explored the incredible and other worldly landscapes of Chile with his family?!

You can see it in his posts and hear it in his voice that Ed is most certainly living a life dedicated to fulfilling his purpose! As Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Field Research at Aquascape, exotic trips like his recent adventure in Chili, only add to his ever-expanding repertoire of exploring and understanding our environment, and indeed our planet.

At Pondemonium 2017 “A Purpose Driven Business,” Ed will deliver a keynote intended to translate his vast expertise on nature into successful conservation practices that can be applied at the residential level. When you can integrate his level of awareness of our environment and translate that to the consumers you are working for, your business has a higher purpose than only installing a water feature for its esthetic beauty.

Ed will combine his presentation with world famous fish scientist Heiko Bleher, whose lifetime dedication to exploring the most remote parts of our planet gives him a unique view on the state of our world. Heiko’s work is dedicated to helping people replicate species specific biotopes utilizing aquariums as his medium, not unlike the concept we deploy with our ecosystem ponds.

Finding your purpose in life, and being able to translate it into running a business with purpose that all of your teammates can get on board with is, quite possibly, the most powerful motivator that any business can achieve.

At Pondemonium 2017 “A Purpose Driven Business,” that’s just the kind of impact we are striving to give to you and your entire organization!

We look forward to seeing you there!