It’s Pondemonium® Time, Baby!!!

NOW is the time for you and your team to register for the largest event in the world dedicated to YOU – the industry’s BEST water feature professionals!

“A Purpose Driven Business” is the perfect theme for what will be Aquascape’s 19th annual Pondemonium. Whether you are a regular attendee or someone considering attending for the first time, one look at the agenda will tell you why this year’s event is a must-attend for new and old alike.

The purpose of life is to have a purpose. I was fortunate enough to discover my life’s purpose while I was still a college student. Today, my drive for doing what I do comes from helping others find their purpose in the wonderful field of water features.

Pondemonium is the signature event each year for us to do just that! From contractors to retailers, owners to managers, and foremen to retail staff, this year Pondemonium is designed and built to provide both the foundation and the tools for everyone to create their own destiny in this industry we all call home.

Please review the detailed agenda starting with an optional, all-day, pre-Pondemonium Leadership Boot Camp on Wednesday, August 23rd. The Leadership Boot Camp Day is geared toward anyone who leads a company or is responsible for overseeing a division or managing people within an organization.

Additionally, we are offering a repeat of last year’s DiSC® Leadership Workshop for anyone interested in learning the different personality-based leadership traits and how to best work with each one. Everyone who registers for this unit will receive their own personalized leadership assessment as part of the enrollment process.

Pondemonium 2017 officially kicks off on Thursday, August 24th, with three separate learning opportunities providing something for everyone. Our Certified Aquascape Contractor Advanced Build-A-Pond Day will take place in downtown Chicago at the historic Lincoln Park Zoo where we will design and install an interactive children’s stream similar to the one we completed for the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, California. That museum, with our interactive stream as the centerpiece, was recognized in 2015 as being the best children’s museum in the world!

For non-Certified Aquascape Contractors and/or first-time attendees we will be offering an intense, all-day Hands-On Training Boot Camp at Aquascape Headquarters, Aqualand. This hands-on learning experience will cover all aspects of fountain, Pondless® Waterfall, and ecosystem pond construction. The day will culminate with a Pondless Waterfall Building Contest where attendees work together in a friendly competition applying what they learned during their time together.

This year we are providing a third option primarily for business owners and/or spouses. This full-day tour includes an Architectural Boat Tour in downtown Chicago, a visit to the Garfield Park Conservatory, and a behind-the-scenes look at the 50-plus million dollar Christy Webber Landscape operations. It’s going to be a fun and educational day for everyone who chooses to attend.

Our classroom seminars begin on Friday , August 25th, immediately after the networking-rich “Cup-of-Coffee”Roundtables that kick off most of our mornings together. A Purpose Driven Business keynote will set the tone for everything that follows. Whether or not you have your purpose dialed in for yourself and the people you lead, you will gain the insight needed to align your entire organization behind your company’s purpose.

In addition to multiple keynote presentations, we have developed training curriculum with cutting-edge content designed to suit individual attendee interests and needs. Specific sessions categorized into Construction, Retailer, and Management Training tracks are offered throughout the next two days.

We conclude day one of our classroom seminars with region-specific breakouts. Our goal is to talk about the specific regional factors impacting each unique marketplace while uniting distributors, contractors, retailers, along with Aquascape training and sales team members, from those regions in order to proactively grow each marketplace. We are excited about the possibilities of what can be accomplished working toward specific region-based goals.

Our Friday evening together will once again be spent at the Naperville Topgolf location competing for bragging rights, while enjoying food, beverages, and networking all in the name of supporting a great cause with the Aquascape Foundation.

Saturday, August 26th kicks off with what should prove to be a very interesting and unique keynote where we’ve paired Aquascape’s own Chief Sustainability Officer Ed Beaulieu, along with world traveler and premier Ichthyologist (that’s a fish scientist) Heiko Bleher. Together Ed and Heiko will chronicle the impact man is having on our planet and how together we can positively impact our world doing what we do!

To complete our training agenda, two optional activities will be offered. For those interested in hearing more from Heiko and learning first-hand how he applies his unique knowledge in creating biotope aquariums, you can attend a hands-on demonstration at Aqualand as Heiko sets up three specific species biotopes. Heiko’s passion for doing what he does is contagious though, so come at your own risk … you will leave armed with enough knowledge to create your own biotopes at home!

Concurrently, Brian Helfrich (the man in charge of the largest water feature construction, retail, and maintenance business in the world), will lead an informative and awe-inspiring bus tour of some of his favorite water features. Each location comes with a description of the project, materials, and man hours needed to construct it, along with the sales price and profit margins. Seeing is believing, and with this information anyone designing, bidding, and installing Aquascape water features will be better educated and leave having a better perspective on how to be successful in their own market.

Last, but certainly not least, will be Pondemonium’s historic Blow-Out Bash to celebrate our time together, leave on a high note, and finish strong yet another successful water feature season!

As always, on Sunday morning we offer a non-denominational church service led by my kind of Pastor … former Navy Seal Jim O’Connor.

I’m exhausted just writing this high-level overview of our five nights (if you come in on Tuesday, August 22nd for the highly recommended Leadership Workshops) and four days together!

We put our heart and soul into designing an event with maximum impact for the companies and individuals who attend. It’s always our goal to get all of our customers here, along with their top lieutenants, and send everyone out with a renewed energy and focus on doing what they need to do to get themselves and their organizations to the next level … year after year after year (19 and counting).

“When you stop learning, you stop earning!”

Sign up today, circle the calendar for the third week in August, and get ready to come and make your organization “A Purpose Driven Business!”


Greg Wittstock

The Pond Guy